Cold Process Soap Making DIY Kit for 2 Project (9 Soap Bar-100gm Each)


These are Part of Our DIY KIT


Protective Material List



Lab Protective Class

Measuring Tool

LCD Thermometer

Weighing Machine (Not included in KIT)

10 ml measuring Vessel

50 ml measuring Jar

2pc Spoon (wooden)

2pc Steel spoon (Not included in KIT)

Heating Tools

Gas Stove / Electric Heater (Not included in KIT)

Steel / Glass Jar 2 litre (Not included in KIT)

Steel / Glass Jar 1litre ml (Not included in KIT)

Steel Spoon (Not included in KIT)

Shaping Tools


Raw Material For Soap Making

Coconut Oil – 400 ml (200 ml Each) – Hard Oil

Sesame Oil – 200 ml  – Liquid Oil

Sodium Hydroxide -200gm

Water (Not included in KIT)

Clay (Natural Colour Agent)

Bentonite Clay – 50gm

White -Koilin -50gm

Rhassoul Clay-50gm

Bamboo Charcoal Powder-50gm

Neem Tulsi Powder -50gm



Essential Oil – 10 ml Orange

Fragrance Oil – 10ml Rose

Fragrance Oil – Vanilla 10ml

Citric Acid – 100 gm

Expiry(Shelf Life)          –  24 Months from the Date of Manufacture.
Once Opened               -12 months
Allergy Warning(If Any) –  Please do a spot test before use.
Suitable For(Age Group)                – Use only with adult supervision.
Package content Unit                    – 1500g.
Skin type suitable for                     – All